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Drunkful Privacy Policy

As Drunkful is distributed via Apple's App Store and runs on iOS, the use of Drunkful is also subject to the Apple Privacy Policy.

Where is my Drunkful data stored?

All data within the app is for your personal use only and is stored exclusively in your device (app data also might be saved on the Apple iCloud if you have enabled iCloud backups on your device). We do not store or process your data on our servers.

Drunkful app does not store any usernames and passwords you use to connect to any Third Parties (for example, if backing up on Dropbox) - the username and password you provide when you login is not stored in the app, but is directly passed to the relevant Third Party.

Certain features of the Drunkful app allow you to interact and share information with Third Party services or applications (for example, when sharing on social media or with other apps on your phone). If you decide to share your information with any Third Party from your device, Tahiloe privacy policies shall not apply - any information collected by those websites and applications may be sent to other Third Parties who have their own privacy policies you should review and agree with.

Be informed that any information you share with Third Parties could be treated as non-confidential. Always carefully consider the audience viewing any information you share. Sharing stats with your friends or support group might be fun or helpful, but making them accessible to everyone (including your employer) is probably a terrible idea. Think very carefully before sharing anything from Drunkful publicly.

What information is collected from my use of Drunkful?

Certain non-person identifiable (with anonymized IP address) information about how you use Drunkful app (such as frequency or duration of use, application screens visited, diagnostic messages and errors if the app crashes, etc.) together with general information about your device (model, operating system version, etc.) are shared with Third Parties who provide analytics services that help us understand how the app is used, identify problems and improve the Drunkful app experience in future releases.

What are cookies and how are they used?

When you're browsing the Drunkful app, small files (known as "cookies") are saved onto your device to collect analytic information on app visitor's activities and to remember that you've already seen our "cookie message"). The internet address of your computer, tablet or phone is anonymized by our analytics service and these cookies are not used to identify you personally. You can opt-out of analytic cookies.